6/27/09 - Saturday

The Rock Show featuring "In Due Time, Alaskan Way Viaduct, and Slick Tiffany" was killer! Thanks to all the bands for bringing your "A" game and rocking the house! Don't forget the Indie Rock show Saturday July 11th 6pm with "The Matirns, Citizen Escape, VerleeRose, and Danielle Howell" $5 at the door!

6/20/09 - Saturday

The Metal Show was AWESOME! Thanks to those that came out! to everyone who missed it, please come by THIS Saturday at 6pm for a Pop Rock Show featuring "In Due Time, Alaskan Way Viaduct, Slick Tiffany" $5 at the door!

6/13/09 - Saturday

Saturday June 20th at 6pm we're having our first Live Show in Live Room B, Join us for some serious Metal!

6/11/09 - Thursday

New Rates!!!!

6/4/09 - Thursday

Tunsa Fun Recorded Vocals.

5/24/09 - Sunday

Potbelly came in to mixdown 2 songs.

5/22/09 - Friday

Raise The Fallen Recorded Davao.

5/13/09 - Wednesday

These Public Jam Sessions in Live Room B and Live Room A are really taking off! Check out our calendar for future jams!

5/12/09 - Tuesday

Tunsa Fun Recorded 4 Songs.

5/6/09 - Wednesday

Another Public Jam Session in Live Room B and Live Room A. Check out our calendar for future jams!

Whidbeydaily.com is now hosting a music section on their site featuring Top O' The Hill Studio!


4/29/09 - Wednesday

We had our first Public Jam Session in Live Room B and Live Room A. Check out our calendar for future jams!

4/26/09 - Sunday

In Due Time Recorded 4 tracks.

4/25/09 - Saturday

Dustin Judged the Tulip Festival Battle of the Bands at the Outlet Shoppes in Burlington, Congratulations to Kris Orlawski and his band for winning first place!

4/16/09 - Thursday

Rocco's Band held a rehearsal in our Live Room B

4/14/09 - Tuesday

Raise The Fallen held rehearsal in our Live Room

4/12/09 - Sunday

Photo Gallery Launched

Go To The Gallery

4/11/09 - Saturday

Potbelly finished recording their 5 tracks!

New Color Scheme Launched on our site!

4/9/09 - Thursday

Remixed 2 of Raise The Fallen's tracks

Potbelly Recorded 4 vocal tracks!

4/7/09 - Tuesday

Potbelly Recorded 4 1/5 songs!

Raise The Fallen photo added

4/6/09 - Monday

Congratulations to Mike Zuercher for winning 1st place in the guitar competition!

two client photo's added

Raise The Fallen Recorded 3 songs!

4/5/09 - Sunday

Equipment/Pictures pages combined into "Studio" page!


4/4/09 - Saturday

Danielle Howell Recorded 8 Songs!

"First Ladies" Recorded "I Miss My Man"

3/30/09 - Monday

Raise the Fallen held a practice in our live room B

3/24/09 - Tuesday

A David Bowie Tribute Band from Bellingham, WA recorded 3 tracks!

3/23/09 - Monday

Peter Murphy finished up recording "Sinking"

3/20/09 - Friday

Peter Murphy recorded a song call, "Sinking"

3/16/09 - Monday

Added a Musicians Database!

3/13/09 - Friday

We upgraded to Cakewalk Sonar 8 Producer Edition

3/11/09 - Wednesday

Odd Man Out Recorded a song called, "Free"

3/1/09 - Sunday

KWDB 1110am Broadcasted LIVE at the studio for our First Annual Drum Off!

Phil Carter - Bellingham, WA wins the drum off! GREAT JOB PHIL!

Storm Shadow Recorded 3 songs!

2/24/09 - Tuesday

KWDB 1110am Merges with Top O' The Hill Studio, the move is expected to happen this week!

2/23/09 - Monday

"Kill The New Kid" finished tracking, now we're doing a mixdown!

2/21/09 - Saturday

New website launched!

2/20/09 - Friday

Muldoon Recorded 3 drum tracks!

Storm Shadow moves in for practice

2/19/09 - Thursday

Susan Mallams Recorded 5 songs!

2/18/09 - Wednesday

Joseph Fleck Recorded "Destiny"!

2/17/09 - Tuesday

Joe Turner Recorded "POAS"!

2/16/09 - Monday

"Kill The New Kid" Just About Finished Tracking Their 5 Song EP!

2/15/09 - Sunday

"Kill The New Kid" Started Tracking Their 5 Song EP!

Grand opening!

Top O' The Hill Studio is a personal studio for and by musicians in the Northwest Washington area created to inspire musicians of all skills and ages to take pride and ownership in their community and open a fresh dialog between peers and parents through music.

We hope to keep music alive in our kids' hearts and minds for generations to come. Our team is dedicated to making community outreach an integral part of the studio and of island life. As such, we have begun working with local charities and groups to better understand how we can help them reach their goals.

Thank you all for your support!

Our Studio B offers 12 Simultaneous tracks at 48.8khz into Pro Tools LE 8.0, capping at 48 virtual tracks. and up to 24 Simultaneous tracks at 48.8khz into Cakewalk's Sonar 8 Producer Edition with an unlimited amount of virtual tracks. Any one of our 12 rooms can be used for tracking or one on one instrument lessons.

Our Facility is located on beautiful Whidbey Island, next to the Naval Air Station on Ault Field Rd. We are located in the same building as Top O' The Hill Barber Shop.

Stay tuned to our Calendar for monthly events open to the public!

We would like to host a public database of musicians, bands, dj's, venues in the Northwest area available for shows, recording, clinics, or any other event that might come up!

Add yourself to our musicians database!

Project Name:
Project E-Mail: (will be masked)
Project Details:

Click here to view the database

For a small donation, We have a spacious Live Room with a catwalk available to rent for private concerts or CD release parties, and sound controlled rooms for rehearsal after 5pm. Contact us for more details!

We order our gear exclusively through:

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