Earn American Dollars and work in a clean, safe and friendly environment. Work in America is the leading source of overseas job placement services. Requirements are simple and jobs are plentiful. Embrace the chance to gain valuable experiences and improve the quality of your life. Make an investment in your family's future today!

Can You Get me A Job?

Applicant Requirements:

  • You must Posses a Valid Work Visa or Passport- This allows you to gain employment in the United States. Please contact your local government service facility for current information on how to obtain these documents.

  • Send a Downpayment of $500 USD towards your Enrollment Fee - Once we receive your $500 down payment, we will begin to match your skills against the needs of our extensive employer database. We will carefully negotiate your employment contract on your behalf. If we cannot find a suitable position, your $500 down payment will be immediately refunded in full. The balance of $1,000 USD must be paid prior to executing the contract. Your total fee is $1500 USD and you are on your way!
  • What Kind Of Jobs?

    Retail and Tourism Industry

    Help Customers and learn how to handle money working with Americans in various retail settings.

    Food Business

    Work in the kitchens cleaning or learn how to prepare American Meals. Food Servers often earn great tips and you can make even more money. Often, you will be able to eat for free or at a reduced price.

    Construction and Labor

    Woodworkers, Plumbers and construction crews are in demand right now. Thanks to the American economy there are endless jobs from pouring concrete to being a construction foreman.

    And More!

    We have positions across the United States in every field imaginable. Just take a look at some of our opportunities

    Office Workers, Paralegal, Hotel Staff, Cleaning, Waiters, Seaman, Construction, Marina Work, Retail, Painters, Movers, Landscaping, Scientists, Programmers, Help Desk, Answering Phones, Clerks, and more!