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please feel free to sign our guestbook when you stop by! I like knowing this site is getting good use, I'm working on the videos page, please bear with my new schedule!


Merry Christmas Everyone!!! Thank you for being patient! I've added 147 pictures this morning! They are scattered around, so please take a minute and see each picture section of our page, after having both families visit we had so many pictures to go through that I was getting overwhelmed! Please remember to sign our guestbook when you stop in! Thank you again! ENJOY!


I've gotten around to uploading a few more pictures! There are a couple under Autumn's page, a few under HIS page and one new one under HIS BABY. There are so many to go through, and the list keeps getting longer! When the time comes around, I'm going to get everything up to date! Thanks for the support guys!


As you all should know by now, the stork finally delivered our baby girl!!! She is absolutely breath-taking and one of a kind! I hope you all enjoy looking at her pictures as much as we enjoyed taking them!


Added a New Video from today!


More Pictures added everywhere!


35 Weeks 6 Days!

Passed the point of no return!

More pictures coming soon...


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I added some new pictures to "HIS SIDE", slowly but surely the site is getting more content! feel free to leave us comments or emails!


I would like to share this video of my mothers surprise birthday party! the real surprise was me coming home! Watch carefully to see how long it takes her to recognize my voice!!!


33 Weeks & 2 Days!!! Any day now we'll meet our little girl!!!


New website published