Street Named James is an acoustic trio. with a purpose and a mission. The mission of Joshua, Robert, Dustin is simple. It is to bring positive, exciting, and moving music back to the forefront. It is a band comprised of individuals with various musical backgrounds, but common goals. It is more than just an alternative to todayís commercial bands. It will become a standard by which future bands will be measured, but donít tell that to the band. The goal is to inspire, and unite. Itís not to divide and conquer. The message is this; "never give up!" Life has its share of heartache and pain, but itís also filled with joy and hope. There are good times ahead, and Street Named James is here to help usher them in. Feel free to contact us with any questions or comments!

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1/6/07 @ 8:00pm, Wired and Unplugged in Snohomish, WA