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The opportunity is now:

The product is Slim Cafe The weight loss industry is chock full of "fly by night" dietary aids promising to revolutionize the way we lose weight. They all have one thing in common- They require unobtainable dietary changes! With Slim Cafe, our customers are simply changes coffee brands, and achieving results in a safe and effective way.

Are you unsure that Slim Cafe, a "Diet coffee" has the potential to achieve a niche in todays market? Then consider this:

  • There are 109 Million Daily coffee drinkers in the USA
  • Coffee is an 18 Billion Dollar Industry
  • Weight Loss is an 18 Billion Dollar Industry

Becoming a Dealer

For those ready to take the plunge into a marvelous and often understated market, our team of professionals are standing by to assist you. Please follow the links for specific dealership information.

What we are and what we do

Slim Cafe Dealers are the roasters, blenders and packagers of a product called "Slim Cafe". We assist companies and individuals seeking to market and sell this product in cafes and grocery stores worldwide. There are 2 levels to a dealerships that is explained thoroughly within this website. I will be happy to field any calls with your questions or to get started.

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