Timothy Shotwell

For Sheriff of Clark County, WA

Timothy Shotwell is not a politician. He is a dedicated public servant, a Vietnam combat veteran with 22 years in the military and a Clark County Custody Officer with nearly a decade service to the Sheriff's office and the people of Clark County.

Timothy will provide better communication between law enforcement and the community. He will provide strong leadership within the Sheriff's office to ensure a high degree of professionalism. He will not waste taxpayer's money.

Timothy has extensive leadership training, as well as a bachelor's degree in Automation.

Timothy joined the Army in 1969 and served in Vietnam as an infantry solider. He was also involved with Operation Desert Storm in 1992 and Operation Enduring Freedom in 2005. He is enthusiastic about this new challenge.

Married 34 years, Timothy and Audrey have four children as well as four grand children.